Our mission is to provide digital technology solutions and services to optimize values of mobile world and improve life values of everyone.


Love & Happiness

At Digital VN, we highly appreciate love and happiness among colleagues, also between us and partners, customers. Love is the foundation for our company culture and for our customer-focusing development of high-quality solutions and services. Happiness is our life value which has created our working environment with joy, peace, trust, sharing, empathy, solidarity and self-compassion.


Innovation is core motivation for all of us to constantly strive forward and strengthen the growth of Digital VN, our research and development of new solutions and services to bring diversified choices to customers.

Commitment & Responsibility

Commitment and responsibility are invisible values of our staffs, which strongly motivate each of us to dedicate to our jobs, our development of solutions and services for partners and customers with integrity and honesty.
With these values, our staffs are empowered to work independently. We ourselves measure our works with quality and timeline.


Professional is how we work and how we do self-development. We show our professional working in every task of our staffs, from internal to external works with partners and customers.
Professionalism silently leads us to focus on the quality, to follow certain rules and regulations but also simplify progresses for working performance optimization.


Collaboration for development and common success is our priority attitude at Digital VN. Thanks to this value, we always get successful collaboration among internal teams, as well as with partners and customers in the spirit of connection, respect and fairness.