DIGITAL VN Company Limited is registered company in Vietnam, a part of OAG, which is a multinational leader focused in mobile monetization and digital products & services, with operations in 5 countries in Asia.

DIGITAL VN, composed of international experts in business and technology, develop our digital platforms to connect with mobile network carriers and provide mobile clients with customized solutions and services.

Fueled by pro-innovation culture, we have numerous experiences in managing and running multiple services for Telco providers over the years.

DIGITAL VN has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to continuously adapt our business model in a constantly changing environment.

We provide technology services and mean to improve people’s daily lives, delivering solutions by utilizing database, analysis and a unique human-centric customer experience. Leveraging the benefits of technology, we ensure convenience and accessibility to mobile services for everyone.



OAG is operational (service, content and technical) partners for numerous Carriers in ASIA delivering great content, platforms and services to monetize customer base of Carriers.
OAG currently operates in countries:
• Malaysia
• Indonesia
• Philippines
• Vietnam
• Myanmar